Turning Easter money into car money

Studies last year found that each Australian would spend around $132 on the good things in life over the Easter weekend. That’s $3 billion in total.

That included:

–       Over $180 million on Easter eggs

–       $1.5 billion on getaways

–       Easter feasts was another big splurge, accounting for most of the remaining $1.3 billion spent

Those prices have risen even higher for Easter eggs this year, pushing up to the $191 million mark.

For those of you with a car loan waiting to be repaid, these Easter numbers could cause some alarm. So, here are some of our ways to cut your costs this Easter.

Easter eggs 

They are all delicious. It doesn’t matter if you bought them from a boutique chocolatier, your local supermarket or the $2 shop (OK, the $2 shop may be lacking in the taste department). To save a few dollars, why not apply an age-old trick when it comes to buying your Easter eggs – find the cheapest option and go one above it.

This tried and tested method has been the go-to solution in the ‘got-to-pick-a-bottle-of-wine-for-my-date-but-have-no-idea’ stakes for years, so you best believe it will work for your Easter egg selections. Just make sure you get rid of the price tags.

Easter holidays

Everyone knows that flying on Easter is for suckers.

If are reading this and haven’t got anything planned, then odds are you are going to be paying too much. Easter is a time when airlines, accommodation providers and tourism boards around the country jack up their prices to take advantage of the Easter rush. If it’s not a life-changing trip, save your dollars for the next long weekend that comes around.

If you really have to get away, opt for:

–       Somewhere that is a short drive

–       Can’t be found when you Google ‘holiday destinations in [insert your state]’

–       Offers camping grounds


Easter lunches and dinners 

Family get togethers are always a great event.

They start with fun and frivolity and end with one of your Aunts ranting about her ex-husband (who is also at the party). If you have to bring a bowl to share, have a serious think about what you can offer. Again, you don’t want to look cheap, but you don’t want to be serving up the caviar and smoked salmon. A nice green salad, rice-based dish or ‘something for the kids’ should achieve the delicate taste vs. price balance.

If you are hosting the lunch or dinner at your house, good luck with saving anything (except for leftovers).

Having said all that, it is important to remember that Easter is a time to relax and enjoy, so don’t skimp out until you miss out. Pick and choose the important stuff (like settling down to watch Easter Monday footy or buying that extra bottle of champas) and leave out the pricey items.

Follow some the tips above and you may be rid of your car loan before next Easter rolls around.

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