There are many things to consider when you take out a loan for your home. It takes a lot of time to calculate how much you can afford each month. Compare home loan lenders and search the market to find the best deals and lowest interest rates. You got approved for a home loan. All is well now that your EMIs are in place. You are now ready to go through your home loan terms and make sure you don’t miss out on any special rates or offers.


The home loan commitment is significant and can last for 15-25 years. This can save you a lot of tax, but it will also cause a major shift in your finances. 

  • Foreclosure

When a borrower fails or cannot pay their dues, EMIs, the lender takes over the property and then claims the loan amount. It is a smart move to reduce the EMI and the loan term. This will help you pay less and eliminate the fees. It is essential to get the original property papers from your lender as soon as possible. A written request to pay a lump sum must be submitted along with IDs, proofs of address, and loan approval papers. There may not be an additional charge.

  • Loan top-up

You might need additional funds to combine it with existing funds to realize your dream. A top-up loan can be an additional loan added to the number of your home loans. The top-up loan will be approved if the borrower has good credit, good repayment capacity, and good relations with the lender. Please fill out a form, and send it along with proof of identity, income proof, and any other documents. The top-up loan will be subject to a small processing fee.

An individual who has borrowed a home loan cannot be granted a top-up loan. Several factors are examined before approving a top-up on track records, repayment ability, and other elements. The top-up loan is granted either for the current tenure or a phase lasting 10 years. The top-up loan interest fee is slightly higher than a home loan. A top-up loan can be used for interior renovations, furniture upgrades or the interior of your new house.

  • Home Loan Balance Transfer

Many customers choose to reduce their interest rates and receive better customer service.

  • Negotiate to Get Competitive Interest Rates

You can save significant money and lower your monthly payments by negotiating competitive interest rates. You will have enough money each month to pay the home loan off quickly and easily. It is a good idea to negotiate the terms of your home loan with your lender before you decide to transfer the balance.

  • Consolidate Your Debts

This could be an opportunity to rebuild or maintain your finances, bring your outstanding debt under control, and even unify some of your debts. This would allow you to make fewer payments and help you manage your budget.

  • New Home Loan Features

You might not have looked at your home loan in a while and may have missed out on some new benefits. You might be able to reduce your costs and pay off your home loan faster by using an alternative fee structure.


As your home loan situation has changed over the years, it is best to review it every three years. To save money on your home loan costs, you may be able to get a loan with a low EMI. Home loan rates are very competitive, and they continue to rise every year. No matter what stage you’re at, it’s important to regularly review your home loan to stay current with all the changes and ensure that your financial needs are met.

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