If Game of Thrones Houses Had Cars

Game of Thrones fever has well and truly hit. Last week’s premiere was the biggest viewing audience for HBO since the final episode of the Sopranos. This show is addictive, but it is lacking one key ingredient – some nice cars.

Never mind that the technology hadn’t been invented yet and that the King’s Road isn’t built for heavy traffic, cars would make a great addition to the GoT storyline. Imagine how much faster the Starks could have got from Winterfell to King’s Landing when Neddy’s head was about to roll?

If they do ever decide to trade horses for horsepower, each House would of course have their go-to brand. Below is our list of Game of Throne’s houses and their car brands.

House Lannister – Holden 

With a lion on a crimson field as their sigil, the Lords of Caster Rock are undoubtedly Holden drivers. Like Holden, they took over a nation (or Kingdom) and remain the top of the food chain to this day. But with overseas models (Targaryens) pushing into Australia (Westeros), will they remain on top for good?

House Targaryen – SAAB 

SAAB’s logo is a red dragon-looking character breathing fire whilst wearing a crown – seems fitting for the Queen of Dragons and rightful ruler of Westeros. Plus SAAB is based in Sweden and those Targaryens definitely have some Scandinavian in them.

 House Arryn – Ford

The Lords of the Vale’s sigil is a Falcon on a blue field. Ring any bells? These guys are Ford fanatics through and through. I’m sure that when Bathurst comes around, little Robert and Lady Lysa would be decked head to toe in their FPV gear cheering on the Winterbottom and the boys.

 House Martell – Maserati

House Martell’s sigil of a spear going through the sun is much like the Maserati logo. Well, there is a spear-like object in both at least. That, and all that time in the Dornish sun really does give the Martells an Italian flavour.

House Baratheon – Dodge 

The stag. It’s got to be Dodge. Much like old King Robert , Dodge is all about toughness and bravado, taking things head-on and not being afraid to go off-road. Ultimately it’s their downfall, pigeon-holing them as macho men, who no one really warms to.

House Tyrell – smart cars 

The Tyrells are Lords of a fairly peaceful part of Westeros, seem to try and marry their daughter to every would-be king, switch alliances at the drop of a hat and still seem to come out looking rosey. That’s smart if you ask us.

House Greyjoy – Land Rover

Pun intended.

 House Stark – TATA motors

This is simply because they all seem to be dead or dying. TATA Starks – in every sense of the word.

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